About us

About Confident Living

Confident Living is a humble attempt to provide one platform to cater to various learning, developmental and emotional needs of children.

We conduct parenting/teaching workshops, skills enhancement classes, English language training sessions, and remedial sessions.

At ConfidentLiving, we are very passionate about children and want to use our knowledge for the best of the young minds of this generation. We look at the overall development of children and do not limit ourselves to formal academics only. Our aim is to help out as many children as possible, in an expert, yet a very gentle, loving way.

Our vision:

  • To cater to all learning, developmental and emotional needs of children.

Our mission:

  • To equip young minds with healthy learning skills and sound confidence that become part of their lives forever

  • To equip adult minds with most effective parenting and teaching skills

Services offered at Confident Living:

  1. Classes (for children and parents)

  2. Consultations (for parents)

  3. Workshops (for parents, schools, teachers and children)

  4. Remediation (Special education needs)