We meet parents who are troubled and confused because of certain learning, behavioral and/or developmental issues they see in their children. The most common problems for which parents consult us are, slow learning, aggressive behavior, shyness, lack of interest in studies, hyperactivity, and poor speech.


We listen to the parents, analyze the situation and provide them with a detailed plan. We also recommend books, websites, and activities for parents to follow. We prefer both the parents to come together at-least for the first session. We don’t call the child for consultation unless we feel it is absolutely required.

We are never in a rush when we lend our ears and heart to parents and a typical consultation lasts an hour.

Everything shared between parents and the therapist remains absolutely confidential.


We charge Rs.1000 for the 1-hour long consultation.

After the first meeting, we follow-up through emails, so that parents don’t face the hassle of managing frequent long commutes. And we don’t charge anything for this.


We also offer support to parents in various other areas like their own lifestyle, nutrition, relationships among others through workshops and group discussions.


If you wish to fix up an appointment, please call us on 9980300816 or contact us at

For parents outside Bangalore, we also do the counseling through emails or via skype

We will refund the money in case you are not happy with the sessions.