Workshops for parents

Parents are born when a child is born. And children are not born with any instruction manual. Parents learn all about parenting from their experiences with the child and from their own parents, relatives, friends, parenting books, websites.

There are times when parents find themselves sad, confused, irritated and angry at certain things their children do.

There are times when parents want someone to refresh all about parenting, to give a fresh perspective to handle a situation, to reassure them that they are doing a fine job.

That’s where we pitch in with our various workshops especially for parents to discuss about parenting styles, child development, learning issues, phonetics, parenting teenagers and much more.

We conduct these workshops for parents in schools, corporate offices and apartments.

Workshops for children

Learning ABCD and 1234 is not all about schooling. Learning spellings and computations is not all about education.

Children need to know many things about life. They are facing many problems and they want to learn how to handle certain situations.

So we conduct workshops for children too on various sensitive issues like good touch bad touch, bullying, adolescence etc.

They are not given a moral lecture. We use stories, puppets, and videos to discuss. They are encouraged to think rationally and behave bravely and responsibly in various situations of life.

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